Who’s on your team? by Rachel Cosgrove

When you decide to open your own gym or business, starting off, you are usually flying solo wearing all of the hats. Head trainer, office manager, sales manager, bookkeeper, janitor… In the beginning this is necessary to keep your overhead low. As your business grows your two biggest expenses will be rent and payroll. By not growing your team too big to soon, you can make sure to pay yourself, which should be your #1 priority. As you add clients you’ll be able to afford an office manager first and then a second trainer and start to build your team.

In our experience coaching others through Results Fitness University, we have seen that it is possible to fly solo while still maintaining a high level of service AND your sanity, up to 50-60 clients. As you approach 60 clients and are headed toward 100 you’ll need help managing everyone.  This is when we recommend hiring an office manager to take over the office work.

A number of our coaching members, when they join our mastermind group, are flying solo as a one-man or woman operation looking to grow to that next level. Our entire group, gathers three times a year for masterminds. The meetings are always extremely powerful and provide a chance to connect with other like-minded fitness business owners. Everyone in our group has similar values, goals and are going through similar experiences.  Being in business, especially when you are still a one person operation, can be very lonely so it is important to have other people to connect with.


At one of our gatherings we were discussing having a team and how important it is as you build your business to get the right people onboard. One of our coaching members, Terri Reeves, owner of Body Temple Fitness, shouted out discouraged – “But what if I don’t have a team?”

The entire room, filled with our Mastermind Coaching Group who all work toward the mission of changing the way fitness is done, and consider each other a part of their own personal team team, looked at her with concern – What are we chopped liver?

Just because you don’t have employees doesn’t mean you can’t surround yourself with a team of people who support you.

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This was a big “Aha” moment for Terri. She was surrounded by a room full of people on her team! From then on she referred to everyone as her team.

At this point Terri has expanded her own team at her gym but still stays closely connected to her team at Results Fitness University. As you are building your business ask yourself the question – who is on my team? Or who do I want on my team? Being a business owner can be hard, you shouldn’t do it alone.


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