What the focus??? by Rachel Cosgrove

What the focus??? by Rachel Cosgrove

What do you want to be known for? What do you want to be legendary at? Fitness Business Consultant, Thomas Plummer, once gave me the advice, “Choose one thing and be the absolute best at it and you will never be short of income.”

After getting this advice I decided I would be the best at training women. I studied everything I could. I went to every seminar on the topic, I learned from my clients, and became known for training women. Soon after I got my first book deal. Then I was asked to be on the advisory board for Women’s Health Magazine and started speaking on the Perform Better tour as an expert on the topic.

Decide what you will be the best at and go after it. Be careful that you do not get distracted. It is important to learn to say “No” more often, so when it’s REALLY time to say yes, you are able to do so.

One of the guaranteed ways to stay focused on accomplishing your goals is to hire a coach, like I did, to keep you on track. We all know the power and importance of having a coach. Throughout my career I have always had a coach to give me outside perspective, and guidance to stay focused and on the right path.

By being in the fitness business you promote the principle of using a coach…are you following your own advice? Pick your legendary path, stay truly focused on it, and hire a coach to light the way.

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