What Could You Be With A Coach?

What Could You Be With A Coach?

In 2012 we took a trip of a lifetime to London to attend the Olympics. Such an incredible experience being their live, watching the events, soaking in the spirit and energy of the crowd, the athletes and the wonderful city of London.
Watching each event I paid special attention to the coach who was the puppeteer to each athlete or team playing. The relationship between the coach and the athletes was so fascinating to watch live, right there at the Olympics. I started to think about what makes an athlete successful…and why under pressure some athletes just can’t hack it.

I read an article about Lolo Jones in TIME Magazine and how in Beijing, when she tripped over the hurdle, she remembers having thoughts going through her head of, “The hurdles are coming up really fast, I have to be quicker, I have to stay on top of them…” Her mind was running in circles and her body ended up running in circles too, tripping her up instead of keeping her mind quiet and executing what she already knew how to do.

When an athlete gets to the Olympics, at that level, as an athlete you can’t think too much. You had to have practiced, trained and taught your body and your nervous system what to do without thinking. And any thinking that needs to be done needs to be done by the coach. The athletes who could quiet their minds and execute, while listening to and trusting (not questioning) their coaches’ instructions, were the ones who got the medals.

Every champion has a coach who they trust and who keeps them accountable to follow through with what they want most. You simply can’t reach your potential without a coach.

If you want to be a champion fitness professional, running a world-class business you will need a coach. Without one you will never reach your potential.

“Lots of people know what to do, but few actually do- knowing is not enough! You must take action.” – Tony Robbins

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