The Fifth Personality- by Elias Scarr

The Fifth Personality- by Elias Scarr

If you’ve been following my blog posts, videos and RFU newsletter articles, then you have read all about the four basic personality profiles I outlined, and how to communicate and sell to each one. Well…it’s time to introduce you to number five.


You’re ready for this, right? You’ve been keeping up, yes?


All right, I’ll give you a quick refresher just in case.


Fact Extroverts – The boss, the captain, the CEO. These folks make decisions based on facts, numbers, and proof. They prefer to lead the conversation, talking loudly and directly, carry clear authority and will hire “fitness consultants” before joining a gym. They fear the inability to be successful and dislike feeling inferior or embarrassed. They thrive in striving towards quantifiable success.


Fact Introverts – The researcher, the statistician, the accountant. Like their extroverted brethren, they make decisions based on how things “are” as opposed to how they “feel.” They speak in a clear monotone voice, often with arms crossed until trust has been established. They fear being taken advantage of, and excel with understanding the “why” behind the “what.”


Relationship Extroverts – The firework, the rule breaker, everyone’s favorite school counselor. Relationship-based decision makers make the call focused on how things “feel” as opposed to how they are. It could be argued that every decision anyone ever makes is emotionally driven, for RE’s this is especially true. They fear a lack of approval and thrive on genuine compliments, spontaneity, and excitement.


Relationship Introverts – The mediator, the secret keeper, the friendly HR rep. Another feeler. They listen intently and establish trust quickly. RI’s need time to process things internally. It’s important not to mistake their silence for indecision or lack of understanding. There is a lot going on during their quiet time so let them have it. They fear rejection and do best in a relaxed, open, and friendly environment.


All caught up? Good. Now to unleash #5…


The TACTICAL OMNIVERT – Can’t tell if they are introverted or extroverted? Are they responding to both fact and feeling language? You may be sitting across from a Tactical Omnivert!


The point of breaking down prospects and clients into simple personalities is to make it easier and faster to communicate effectively. For the most part, people will be easily sorted into one of the basic four. However, every once in while, you’ll sit there and think WHO ARE YOU?


At this point let’s consider what a Tactical Omnivert really is. They are nearly equal parts in all things. This person is adaptable and easy to deal with. Facts are important, but they have to like you as well. I chose the word tactical as these people pride themselves on being able to adapt to any social situation. It will even feel like they are adapting to you. An omnivert is as comfortable sitting quietly in the park, as they are being the life of the party. It’s not that they sit at “5” on a scale of 1 to 10, introverted to extroverted, but rather comfortably move from end to end and never stay in the same spot for very long.


This is where it gets fun AND challenging. Most TO’s have trained themselves to be that way. That’s right. They (We, hint, hint.) are that way on purpose. To be clear, they’re not trying to hide their personality markers from you, but TRULY ARE comfortable and adaptable in almost any situation in order to get what they want. They’re eclectic, renaissance people. When they take a personality test, their numbers are on the cusp of each category.


With this in mind, communicating with them becomes really easy, as MANY approaches will resonate with them. So, mix it up, give them the best of both worlds.


I’ll give you an example. When I go to a Dodgers game I enjoy a beer, a Dodger dog, wear my jersey, high-five the dude I don’t know standing right next to me, and when the dance cam is on, I go all Patrick Swayze. Okay, maybe more Chris Farley but, tucked under my arm and kept safe from spilt beer, is my scorecard. I like to monitor the stats and track the flow of the game. I can tell you the odds of the number three hitter putting the ball down the first base line in order to advance the runners into scoring position so the number four guy can drive the ball 330 feet (look it up) over the right field fence and put points on the board.


I love both parts…equally.


So here’s the challenge. If I was asked to give up one part, I don’t know if I could do it. I’d probably just not go to the game. Omniverts can easily get struck with decision paralysis. The challenge her lies in paying close attention to buying signals and offering the program options WITH a recommendation. As in any sales situation, the simpler the better. Identifying and working with a TO is an advanced technique, as we tend to be in tune to picking up specific identifiers, i.e. it’s easy to recognize your own personality type.


You’ll find success when picking one of the four basic personalities when you’re really dealing with an omnivert, because as I said, MANY approaches resonate.


The best of you will actually strive towards developing your own TO personality, giving you unlimited resources at your disposal.


I hope you’re ready for this level of power…I’ve said too much already.

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