The Energy Dance Between You & Your Clients

The Energy Dance Between You & Your Clients

Wanna dance? You may not realize that each hour you are coaching clients you are in the midst of an energy dance…giving energy, taking energy…the exchange is happening every single session.

Have you ever had a client at the end of a training session say- “Wow! I walked in feeling really tired and lethargic. I’m leaving here feeling energized and ready to go!” This is because you have given them energy throughout their session.

balletPay attention to where your client’s energy is when they walk in the door. Rate it on a scale from 1-10.

If their energy is a 4, as their coach your energy should be just above that at a 6. If your energy is also a 4 you will leave that client walking out feeling the same as they walked in. If you are at a 6, you will bring them up to a 6 so that by the time they leave they will feel better than they did when they walked in.

Why wouldn’t you give them everything you have and floor them with your 10 out of 10 energy!!!!! Huge mistake! Very often, especially inexperienced trainers, think always bringing a 10 on the energy scale is the way to go. Not thinking that no matter who the client is, no matter what kind of day they are having you are a 10 and are in their face, getting them motivated (you think) and trying to pump them up. This will only send the client away annoyed and unable to have an energy exchange with you. Your energy is too high for them to be able to bump up from where they are.

On the other hand if the client comes in at a 10- maybe they have a lot going on and are coming in at a million miles per hour. It is your job to bring them down a notch so they walk out feeling more centered and focused.

We have had numerous trainers work for us at Results Fitness and the ones who were the busiest and did the best were the ones who could change their energy according to the client.

The tricky thing is that I recommend you train your clients in semi-private groups so you may have three people in the group and you have two whose energy is an 8 and one who walks in at a 4. How do you handle that? You not only have to be able to change your energy with each client but in this situation you may have to change your energy within seconds.

The perfect situation and the clients you will probably enjoy training the most will be the ones who are at an energy level of about 6-8. In this situation you will find yourself getting into what is referred to in sports performance and work as “Flow.” This is where you can also be in a 6-8 energy range and at some points of the session take the client up to a 10 and at other points of the session get them to come down and reflect and focus when you are discussing something at a 4. This is where your session can become a dance of energy levels getting the most out of each one and bring the client on a ride learning about themselves but leave them on a high note so they walk out feeling like they are an 8 or sometimes a 10.

As the coach you have more power than you think to control the environment, the energy & the way you make your clients feel. This is so important to understand in order to become a high level coach.

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