• Testimonial

    Mike Hanley

    Mike Hanley, attendee of Results Fitness Biz Mentorship

    Whether you are in the fitness industry or plan to be, it is vital to learn the systems and skills created by Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove and the Results Fitness Team!  They are the best and have a passion for helping the fitness industry as a whole.  So jump onboard and learn from the best.  

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    Laura Clancy

    Laura Clancy, attendee of Results Fitness Biz Mentorship

    Whether you are a personal trainer or a business owner you ABSOLUTELY will benefit from a Results Fitness seminar.  Full of cutting edge information and well-communicated strategies, these presentations are a CLASS ACT.  Don’t hesitate to invest in your future by attending one!  

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    Jennifer Parker

    Jennifer Parker, attendee of Results FItness Biz Fat Loss Seminar

    Great information presented in a logical way.  They combine the science and prove the findings with real world application.  It’s like Alwyn said “whether you learned one thing or were reminded of one thing you should be doing, it’s the execution of this information that will get the results”.  

  • Testimonial

    Carmela Liera

    Carmela Liera, attendee of Results Fitness Biz mentorship

    "I initially came to the mentorship with the mentality of "can I really afford this?" I knew that it would be worth it because of what I already knew about Alwyn and Rachel and their philosophies, but the financial aspect of taking 4 unpaid days off work was a concern. After day one of the mentorship, I literally kicked myself for even proposing that question. The amount of info and advice they give you is completely worth it, completely informative, and I will definitely recommend this mentorship to anyone who wants to be the best!"  

  • Testimonial

    Michael Robinson

    Michael Robinson, attended Results Fitness seminar 2010

    "This was an awesome experience and WELL-WORTH the investment, especially since I came on almost my last bit of money. With what I learned, I will be TOMA in my area and take my business to the next level. Thank you to the Results Fitness Team."  

  • Testimonial

    Rob Felty

    Rob Felty, attended a Results Fitness Seminar 2010

    "This was a great investment. The Results Team seems to have endless amounts of information. I would highly recommend taking any chance you can to hear from the amazing Results Fitness Team."  

  • Testimonial

    Lisa Welko

    Lisa Welko, attended Results Fitness Seminar in 2010

    "What a GREAT EMPOWERING experience. To sit among the best trainers in the country and learn from experts in our industry was so inspiring! I can't wait to bring this feeling back and inspire my staff and members!"  

  • Testimonial

    Kiele Wilson

    Kiele Wilson, attendee of Results Fitness Fat Loss Seminar

    As a fitness professional with my primary clientele being women looking for fat loss, there was not a moment’s hesitation that this was a must!  I now have the tools, for every aspect concerning fat loss, to deliver incredible results for my clients, increasing my business.  

  • Testimonial

    Andy Clower

    Andy Clower, attendee of Results Fitness Biz Mentorship

    Results mentorship pays for itself in the information you get alone!  Their brilliant business model, along with their highest concern for quality, makes it easy to see why they’re the best.  

  • Testimonial

    Kim Barnes Jefferson

    Kim Barnes Jefferson, attendee of Results Fitness Biz Mentorship

    If you really want to succeed in your business and not make the same mistakes that other trainers turned business owners make, then you need to attend this mentorship.  

  • Testimonial

    Steve Di Tomaso

    Steve Di Tomaso, attendee of Results Fitness Biz Mentorship

    I believe that the knowledge and resources provided to me during the mentorship will accelerate my business’ development ten fold.  With the tools, know how, and confidence to act in a prioritize manner, I feel that I can make the impact I want to have much sooner.  

  • Testimonial

    Alicia Peterson Murphy

    Alicia Peterson Murphy, attendee of Results Fitness Biz Fat Loss Seminar

    Rachel and Alwyn are the masters of fat loss!  The knowledge and tips they will give you will put you in a different category than most trainers…a category made up of elite fitness professionals.  If you want to better yourself as a trainer and as a business professional, you must attend this seminar!  

  • Testimonial

    Shannon Austin

    Shannon Austin, attendee of Results Fitness Biz Mentorship

    The material in this seminar is priceless.  The entire Results Team really delivers value and helps others to see what is possible in the fitness industry as a business owner.  Thank you all so much for the opportunity!  

  • Testimonial

    Marc Kent

    Marc Kent, attendee of Results Fitness Biz Mentorship

    Throughout the three day mentorship, Alwyn and Rachel completely opened the doors to everything they do to make their business what it is today.  That was worth the investment alone.  They continue to blow my mind by answering all my questions and giving me complete systems which I can plug into my business to not only increase my profitability, but reduce the amount of hours I work.  Allowing me to live the life I want.  

  • Testimonial

    Charlotte Mari Loa

    Charlotte Mari Loa, attendee of Results Fitness Biz Mentorship

    This mentorship has been the best investment I’ve done!  I am not a business owner yet, but I know that when I’m ready to get it going I will be WELL prepared, not wasting time in any way.  It’s amazing to me to see how they’re carrying themselves, and the level of integrity they have.  I’m SO FIRED now and I can’t wait to implement what I’ve learned!  

  • Testimonial

    Tamara Davies-Miller

    Tamara Davies-Miller, attendee of Results Fitness Biz Mentorship

    This mentorship has totally opened my mind and taught me all the things that were missing in the jigsaw.  Ryan and I have wanted to open our own facility for a long time, but the “FEAR” has been stalling us.  The “FEAR” is not scary anymore!  

  • Testimonial

    Kimberly Justice

    Kimberly Justice, attendee of Results Fitness Biz Mentorship

    Other attendees would ask me how it’s (the mentorship) going and every time I said “AMAZING” with a wide smile on my face.  I was at a crossroads before the mentorship, fearing the next step, now I know the systems and have the confidence to start fast-tracking my business.  

  • Testimonial

    Aaron Beves

    Aaron Beves, attendee of Results Fitness Biz Mentorship

    Awesome!  Priceless for the experienced and inexperienced.  Highly recommended !!  

  • Testimonial

    Ryan Path

    Ryan Path, attendee of Results Fitness Biz Program Design Seminar

    The Results Fitness Team took my programming to the next level.  They reinforced everything I knew about training and added a focused approach to writing effective programs in a timely manner.  There’s no more guessing because the system produces predictable results.  I can’t recommend this enough for anyone looking to refine their thought process on programming!  

  • Testimonial

    Rob Yontz

    Rob Yontz, member of Results Fitness Biz Coaching Group

    Alwyn and Rachel have created a phenomenal process helping fitness professionals/business owners to be more effective, sounder financially, and to have a life beyond the “job”.  Our investment into the mentorship, and ongoing coaching has helped us startup our studio at an elite level, accelerate our growth, and helped us see the “lifestyle” and “life” that we have outside of our fitness business.  The highest value in all this is the ongoing support and accountability from them that makes me my best.  They do this in a way that is supportive, positive, and nonjudgmental.  Alwyn and Rachel’s Fitness Biz is the most important ongoing investment we make every month!  

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