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Results Fitness Fat loss Programming & Coaching Manual

This is the most comprehensive resource Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove and the Results Fitness Team have EVER put together explaining their complete system to writing the fat loss programs they are known for.

This manual includes step by step how to write extremely effective fat loss programs following the same system they use at Results Fitness for both their semi-private clients and their group members.




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Product Description

You’ll learn how they use the FMS to design a fat loss program, the components they include in each workout along with the periodization model they follow along with a sample print out of 4 phases of their exact template and 4 phases of an actual sample client program. You also get the exact nutrition advice they give, coaching cues they use and questions and psychological strategies they use.

This is the ONE resource you need to take your results with your clients to the next level and get better results in less time which will set you apart from your competitio