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Rachel and Alwyn Cosgrove, best selling authors and co-owners of Results Fitness
in Santa Clarita, California, are sought-after speakers and fitness experts for several
of the country’s leading publications. Their gym, Results Fitness, was named one of
the top ten gyms in America by Men’s Health Magazine – three years in a row!

“Results Fitness might be THE MOST PROFITABLE gym per square foot in the country!
Learn from Alwyn & Rachel Cosgrove.” – Thomas Plummer, National Fitness Business Alliance

Through their Results Fitness University Mastermind Coaching Group, Rachel and Alwyn
have helped hundreds of fitness professionals take their businesses
and their careers to the next level.

Topics include:

  • 7 Things We Wish We Knew When We First Started As Personal Trainers
  • 7 Things We Wish We Knew Before Opening A Gym
  • Get Published – What works to get an article published, be featured in magazines or get your first book published!
  • Creating A Business That Runs Without You
  • Making Money – How to change your relationship with it, attract more of it & keep more of it.
  • Simple Steps to Marketing Your Fitness Business
  • Tell me what you want – Getting focused on what you want in your business & life!

Learn directly from Alwyn and Rachel their proven strategies to make more money,
change more lives, and set yourself up for a wildly successful career doing what you love.

Whether you’re just getting started as a personal trainer, are ready to open your own gym
and build your team, want to get published in the magazines, want to share your passion
writing your own book or become a fitness speaker or celebrity, they will show you the
path to a long lasting, fulfilling career in the fitness industry.