Mastery of Program Design Seminar

Mastery of Program Design Seminar

Poor Trainers Write Workouts,
Good Trainers Write Programs,
The Best Trainers Learn from Results Fitness!
Join us at Results Fitness for our next
Mastery of Program Design Seminar.

Program Design has become a major source of income for successful trainers in today’s marketplace. Individual programs administered in one-on-one, semi-private and large group settings are fast becoming the model of success in the training industry.

Results Fitness is announcing the All-New Mastery of Program Design Seminar! This cutting edge seminar will reveal EXACTLY how Results Fitness gets people into the best shape of their lives in the shortest time possible.

We will take you from the very first step to the very last step in designing the most effective programs in the industry!

We will reveal the Results Fitness thought process behind every single decision made during our program design. Topics include:

  • “The Rules of the Road” of Program Design
  • How to take information from your assessment to design a
  • Most current exercise progressions/regressions and movement pre-qualifications.
  • Our Range of Motion, Activation, Movement Preparation
  • (RAMP) in a fully adjustable template format.
  • The Results Fitness Standard Operating Procedure for teaching basic movements.
  • We will go through case studies, designing multiple phases of specific, individualized programs, breaking down and explaining every decision made.
  • We will address programming variables such as loading, volume, intensity, and frequency.
  • How we design large group classes for Resistance Training and Metabolic Training.
  • Heart Rate Monitor Training – How to use it, program it, and everything we have learned since implementing it into our
  • Ample opportunity for Q & A.

No question will be left unanswered!

You will be a master at designing cutting edge, effective programs for your clients at the end of this seminar.

Dates for our next Mastery of Program Design Seminar to be announced.

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This seminar is being held AT RESULTS FITNESS!