Investing in Yourself = Future Payoff” with guest James Malinchak

Investing in Yourself = Future Payoff” with guest James Malinchak

If you didn’t get a chance to check out the first part of our interview with James, “You’ve Gotta Run It Like A Business”, make sure to click here. As you know, James Malinchak is the creator of Big Money speaker, teaching straight-forward, no-BS ways to become a Big Money Speaker. He coaches, consults, and helps people to build their business.


Recently, James did an interview with us and we’re sharing some of his pearls of wisdom with you! James will be speaking at our Results Fitness University Launchpad to Success Event next month and we are so excited to have him share his Secret Millionaire Strategies with our community. One of the best things James shared with us was his mindset of cost versus investing in yourself. You’ve got to hear what he has to say on the matter, it will change your life and your approach to your business.

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Rachel: I love vision boards and looking ahead. Do you do a vision board?

James: I have a couple of different ones. I have a business one that’s in my office. I have a relationship, a family and a spiritual one that’s in the closet of my bedroom, because I keep them separate. And I will tell you that I always put pictures on there. I put goals of where I’m going, not where I am right now.

Rachel: Very cool. So another unique strategy you teach is about payoff versus cost. Tell us a little bit about that.

James: Oh yeah. See, folks often say this, and it really irritates me when I hear this, “I can’t afford this” or “I can’t afford $10 on a book” or “I don’t know if I could afford Alwyn and Rachel’s mastermind or going to their great event.” Well, what I always say is look, if you always focus on the current cost of something you will never receive the future payoff. And we all tend to look at what it costs us right now. And actually I don’t even like the word cost. I think that’s an evil word. So hey, Rachel, repeat after me. Ready? Here we go.

Rachel: Okay.

James: Cost.

Rachel: Cost.

James: Equals.

Rachel: Equals.

James: Evil.

Rachel: Evil.

James: Okay.

Rachel: Cost equals evil. I hope everyone is joining in.

James: Yeah. So now repeat after me. Investing.

Rachel: Investing.

James: In yourself.

Rachel: In yourself.

James: Equals future payoff.

Rachel: Equals future payoff.

James: Yeah, so I don’t even like the word cost. I think that’s a broke mentality. Like you will never hear me say I spent $10 on a book or I spent 497 bucks a month on Mastermind. “I spent, I spent, I spent”. That’s a negative programming word. I haven’t spent money on myself in the last 15 years. I have invested in my future’s success.

So coming back to the original question, if you focus on the current cost, you’ll never get the future payoff. It’s not a cost. It’s investing in your future success. So if you invest in someone to work in your gym, providing that you hire the right person, the right people skills, the right training skills, the right business skills, whatever you hire that person for or what position you hire him for, yeah, sure, there’s going to be some outlay of cost, if you will, because if you’re paying money to them, if you’re giving them bonuses and incentives, you’re getting a future payoff. People, they talk in terms of “I can’t spend this” or “it will cost me this”.


Well actually if you really want to break it down it didn’t cost you anything. There are times when I speak somewhere and someone will come up to me and say,

“Oh man, I’d love to get your home study course for (I’ll just make this up,) $200, but I can’t afford it.”

And I’ll do a pattern interrupt and I’ll say, “Man, I see you got a Starbucks cup in your hand. Do you like Starbucks?”

And they’ll say “I love Starbucks.”

Me: Me too, man. I get a Venti non- fat extra hot latte at $3.71. What drink do you get?

And they’ll tell me the drink.

I’ll say so that’s probably about $3.71 also, right?

And they’ll say yes.

I’ll say, “Man, I love mine. I get mine every day. I know what it smells like. I know what it tastes like. I know how they make them. How about you?”

“Oh yeah, I get them every day too.”

And I’ll say let me see your cup for a second.

And I’ll grab their cup and I’ll throw it in the trashcan. I’ll say stop spending $3.71 a day making Starbucks rich. Save it up and you can afford 200 bucks.

Don’t give me that excuse and make Starbucks rich rather than enriching your mind, your spirit, your soul, your business.

I don’t believe there’s a cost. I believe it’s a future payoff and I believe we make choices right now that will determine our future payoff.


Now that’s powerful! It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we truthfully examine our priorities and change our mindset from cost to self-investment. You know where you are holding back in your business. You know where you need guidance and where you need to invest in yourself to take the next steps to success in your business. Whether it’s that book you didn’t buy, that course you didn’t sign up for, or that seminar you know you should have invested in, DO IT NOW! Your future self will thank you!


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