How did you turn your fitness certification into a successful business?

“How did you turn your fitness certification into a successful business?” This was a text I got this week from a friend who was asking for a friend…
My first thought was, do you think I can give you an answer in a text of what has taken us 20 plus years starting with my first certification? Then I realized yes I could, in fact, I could probably get it into 140 characters as a tweet because my advice is that simple.
So what is that advice you are asking? Wait for it…
As I read this question I thought about my first certification which was with the AFAA, The Aerobics & Fitness Association of America where I got certified to teach Step Aerobics. From there I got certified as a Spinning instructor and then eventually with the ISSN as a Personal Trainer. This was only the beginning of my education. So many personal trainers get one certification and think they are done. I went on to get my CSCS with NSCA, CHEK certified as an NLC and over the years have accumulated so many certifications I can’t even count RKC, USAW, USAT, Precision Nutrition, NASM, DVRT 1 & 2…
Besides the certifications, Alwyn & I have hosted a number of experts for seminars, have attended Perform Better since it first started holding continuing education summits, a number of workshops and seminars and have hired numerous coaches to help us with our business, our speaking & our career. We have invested in books on everything from fitness and nutrition to personal development, marketing, building your team and company. At this point, we have a pretty extensive library.
Bottom line, I don’t think most people realize how dedicated we have been since the beginning our continuing education and still are every single year. We have never thought of education as an expense, it has always been an investment in our future. And let’s just say it has definitely paid off to build a successful business!
So here it is, my advice in a text back was –
Constantly learning and improving is the secret, relentlessly seeking out knowledge. The certification is only the start. Invest in yourself to become the best and the opportunities will come. 
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