Definition of Success

Each one of us gets into this industry for a different reason, but there is always a reason!

Maybe you have your own story of struggling with your health & fitness and have overcome that, or you love coaching and bringing out the best in people. Or a mixture of both…What is your reason? What is your “why” that drives you everyday?

This is a great place to start to figuring out what defines success for you. Have you ever thought about that? What success is to you?

Is it when you have a full schedule of clients to train?

Is it when you open your own gym?

How about when your name appears in the magazines?

Or when you’re asked to present at a National conference?

When you publish your first book?

For each of us, success in this industry is defined in different ways. All of the above are ways to get your message out and help more people.

The bigger picture of success in this industry is how many people are you helping?

How many people are you connecting with and getting through to? Start to focus on the bigger picture of changing more lives and putting great information out there, and the rest will fall into place!

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