Dear Fitness Professional,

We often think back to when we first decided to open Results Fitness. We were passionate, excited, and we knew how to train people and get great results; so we opened our gym! We can’t begin to tell you how quickly we became discouraged when we didn’t have a clue how to run a business.

There were so many times when we felt as if we were just spinning our wheels, getting nowhere. We were training clients from 5:30 in the morning until 8:00 at night. With no money in the bank to show for it. We were barely making ends meet, literally living from paycheck to paycheck.

One night, a few months after we opened our gym, we came home to our tiny apartment, which was a half an hour drive by freeway because we couldn’t afford to live near the gym, to find that our back door had been forced open and our home broken into. They stole our laptop, which had all of our clients’ programs and everything we had for the gym on it. On the bright side, there wasn’t anything else for them to steal because we didn’t have much – no money, no jewelry. But that laptop had everything on it! HELP!!!

Financially things were tough, yet our schedules were full, so we had to hire our first trainer. A few months after she began working for us she drove up in a new Ford Explorer. She excitedly ran into the gym and asked us to come and check out the stereo. At that time we were sharing a used Dodge Shadow my parents bought at auction and gave to us when we got married. It was at that moment, when she drove up in her brand new car that she bought with money we were paying her, we looked at each other and realized something was not working and we had to make a change!

Aha moment!


We began to seek out information on how to run a business, and invested in books and continuing education. We attended seminars and started to learn everything we could. We realized that we were great trainers, but had to become smart business owners in order to succeed. Our bookshelf went from all training and nutrition books to, now, mostly business, marketing, sales, and financial books.
We went from spinning our wheels to having a systemized business that was generating income and helping hundreds of people to change their lives.
Our lives took another turn when “You have cancer” became a reality not once, but twice. Thankfully, with our systems in place, we were able to step out of our business to check into the hospital, while the gym continued to run without us. All of the steps we had taken to set up the business to not be dependent on us had worked! We hope you never have to face a life threatening disease like we did, but we will teach you the exact steps we took to get your business to a point where it can run without you.
People will often say to us, you’re successful because YOU WERE LUCKY … I wouldn’t call having your house broken into and being diagnosed with cancer, twice, lucky …



We made the mistakes so YOU don’t have to!

Why not fast track your business, your life and your career?

You cannot afford to NOT take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

Our Certified Fitness Experts

  • Testimonial

    Rachel Cosgrove

    Renown Fitness Expert & Personal Trainer

    About Rachel Cosgrove

    Rachel co-owns and has operated Results Fitness, a fitness center in Southern California, for the past 18 years. Results Fitness was named one of the top ten gyms in the United States by Men’s Health Magazine three years in a row, and is known as one of the country’s most profitable gyms per square foot.

    Rachel earned her Bachelor of Science in Physiology at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and holds her CSCS with the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Throughout her career she has also been certified by a number of organizations including the International Society of Sports Nutrition, USA Weightlifting, Functional Movement Systems, and Precision Nutrition.

    Rachel has been featured in numerous magazines including Muscle and Fitness Hers, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Women’s Running, Oxygen, More Magazine, Runner’s World, Women’s World, Real Simple, and Shape Magazine. She was also featured in Experience Life Magazine as both the expert and as the fitness model.


  • Testimonial

    Alwyn Cosgrove

    Fitness Training & Athletic Preparation

    About Alwyn Cosgrove

    Born in Scotland and initially exposed to fitness training through an intense competitive sport martial arts background, Alwyn Cosgrove began reading and studying any training related material he could get his hands on. This led Alwyn to formal academic studies in Sports Performance at West Lothian College and then progressed on to receiving an honors degree in Sports Science from Chester College, the University of Liverpool.

    During his career as a fitness coach, Alwyn began with assisting in martial arts lessons in 1986 and teaching fitness classes in 1989, and has studied under all of the top fitness professionals and coaches in the world and has worked with a wide variety of clientele, from general population clientele to several top level athletes, World Champions, and professionals in a multitude of sports. [···]

  • Testimonial

    Craig Rasmussen

    Fitness Department Manager and Program Design Specialist

    About Craig Rasmussen

    Craig spent several years in Indianapolis, Indiana, working as a fitness coach at a private training facility, and a strength coach at the high school level. Prior to that, Craig worked as a full-time physical education teacher at the middle school level in Santa Monica, California. Craig received his BA in Physical Education from CSU Chico. He grew up in Ventura, attending Buena High School, with basketball being his sport of choice.

    Craig became passionate about weight training following his freshman year in college when his junior college basketball coach listed that two of his weaknesses were his strength and his size. This proved to be great motivation for him and he is now a competitive powerlifter and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

  • Testimonial

    Elias Scarr

    Membership Director

    About Elias Scarr

    From grocery clerk to bartender to martial arts instructor to [finally] Membership Director of Results Fitness, Elias has been working with the public his entire life. He believes that relationships are the driving force behind positive change in the world.

    Originally seeking his education in physical theatre and fight choreography, Elias became enamored with character study and the reasons behind how people make decisions, especially in desperate situations. This fascination lead to studying multiple sources including “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman, “Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus” by John Gray, and Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” Since joining Results Fitness his communications education has sky-rocketed with mentorship from our very own Alwyn & Rachel Cosgrove. Having since completed courses in micro-expressions, personality profile, and customer care, Elias believes the foundation of what Results Fitness does is based on building relationships


Results Fitness has consulted with corporations including Nike, Gatorade, Men's Health Magazine, Women's Health Magazine, Livestrong, Secret Deodorant and Princess Cruises.
Consulting You Can Trust

  • Testimonial
    Mike Hanley, attendee of Results Fitness Biz Mentorship

    Whether you are in the fitness industry or plan to be, it is vital to learn the systems and skills created by Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove and the Results Fitness Team!  They are the best and have a passion for helping the fitness industry as a whole.  So jump onboard and learn from the best.  

  • Testimonial
    Alicia Peterson Murphy, attendee of Results Fitness Biz Fat Loss Seminar

    Rachel and Alwyn are the masters of fat loss!  The knowledge and tips they will give you will put you in a different category than most trainers…a category made up of elite fitness professionals.  If you want to better yourself as a trainer and as a business professional, you must attend this seminar!  

  • Testimonial
    Shannon Austin, attendee of Results Fitness Biz Mentorship

    The material in this seminar is priceless.  The entire Results Team really delivers value and helps others to see what is possible in the fitness industry as a business owner.  Thank you all so much for the opportunity!  

  • Testimonial
    Marc Kent, attendee of Results Fitness Biz Mentorship

    Throughout the three day mentorship, Alwyn and Rachel completely opened the doors to everything they do to make their business what it is today.  That was worth the investment alone.  They continue to blow my mind by answering all my questions and giving me complete systems which I can plug into my business to not only increase my profitability, but reduce the amount of hours I work.  Allowing me to live the life I want.