A week in the life of a successful fitness business owner – Part 2

A week in the life of a successful fitness business owner – Part 2

Last week, I shared with you my own struggles with time management….“Everyone always says – ‘Keep balance in your life.’ What does that mean? This is so hard to do when you are passionate about your business and want to spend as much time as you can working on it or in it. The key is to realize that taking time away from your business will improve your business. You can’t be ‘in’ it 24/7 and be the best that you can be. Everyone has the same number of hours every week, how do you use those hours?” I also shared with you my first time management strategy, Making Money Time (Working IN Your Business). Make sure to check it out here! Now let’s dive into strategies two and three:


2. Big Picture Time (Working ON Your Business) – This is what we call working ON the business. As your role as an owner grows, your time should be made up more and more of what we call “big picture time.” Start to take an inventory of how much of your time you spend working IN your business and how much time you spend working ON your business. This is the time you spend working with your staff, training them and making them better. You don’t get paid to work with them, but putting that time into them will lead to them doing a better job, and your business being more successful and able to help more people than you could on your own. You could also be working on a marketing campaign for your gym, or creating a product or journal for your clients. Or maybe you do a seminar for a local group to generate new members. These are all tasks that will not be a direct amount of income for your time, but your time invested to do these tasks will pay off triple or quadruple. You have to keep the “Big Picture” in mind when doing these tasks and realize that your time is well spent on this. This is extremely important to build and grow your business even though it does not directly produce immediate income. We have consistently seen that the time you spend working ON your business won’t show up for three months. Basically, the time you spent three months ago working

ON your business will be reflected in your business now. You don’t get the immediate gratification that you get with working IN your business. This is why we call it “big picture time.” You are creating a bigger picture and your efforts will pay off, not immediately, usually three months later. As an owner most of your time working should be spent doing these kinds of tasks. As you learn to say no to some of the ‘Money Making’ tasks, and delegating them to your staff, you’ll have more time to work on the business and build something bigger than you could if you get caught up working for the hourly rate IN the business. Allotted Time: Minimum 20 hours per week (This could be broken down as five hours a week on marketing, 10 hours a week training your staff, and five hours a week working on a promotion or idea to generate income.)


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3. Learning and Improvement Time –

You must take time to step outside of your business and go to a seminar, read a book, or just take time out of your business to think and dream about ideas. This is one of our core values – Constant learning and never ending improvement, and if the owners aren’t following it, how can we expect our staff to? You have to set this time aside have always spent a percentage of our time and money on professional development and will continue to do that. Even if you start each day with 15 minutes of reading a business book, you have to take the time. Taking this time will allow you to come up with ideas you never would have if you stayed spinning your wheels at work constantly. Stepping out and reading something, learning something or just thinking outside of your business will be worth it when a big idea hits you and you see things more clearly. Carry a notebook with you to capture all of the ideas that will come to you. Take a day completely off once a month and read a book, business newsletters, watch DVDs. We call this an “Idea Day” where you have nothing else planned but to learn and brainstorm and think about your vision for your company and your life. This is very important for your growth as a business owner and as a person. Don’t skip taking this time. Allotted Time: Five hours a week (an hour a day doing something to get better.)

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