2015 Results Fitness University Biz Owner of the Year

2015 Results Fitness University Biz Owner of the Year

Each year we have the honor of selecting our Biz Owner of the Year. Each of our Mastermind coaching members submits an application for consideration showing how their business has improved over the past year, how they expect to see it continue to grow, and how they have helped to improve the lives of the people in their community. This year our finalists gave their presentations for consideration at our Results Fitness Launchpad to Success event. After each of the owners presented, our Launchpad attendees voted for Biz Owner of the Year. The five incredible finalists, Chris Borda, owner of Y.E.S. Fitness in Burlington, CT, Jannette La Sota, owner of The Fitness Detective in Forest Hills, NY, Lauren Perreault & Jason Pak, owners of Achieve Fitness in Boston, MA, Bobby Kelly, owner of Results Only in Phoenix, AZ and Casey and Gerry Washak, owners of Next Level Fitness and creators of Fit in 42, made such fantastic progress that this year was by far the hardest choice we’ve ever been faced with, and our attendees really had their work cut out for them.


First we would like to congratulate each of the gym owners who submitted their gym for consideration. Your growth is always inspiring and we are proud to know how many lives are being changed through your great work! Keep changing the way fitness is done!


And now we’d like to send out heartfelt congratulations to Casey and Gerry Washack, owners of Next Level Fitness and creators of Fit in 42! Let’s hand it over to them to share their story and what they believe has led them to such great success.

Click here to watch their presentation.

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“We opened our first gym in 2006, but by 2010 we had handed our keys over to our competitor. This was an opportunity for us to grow; for us to step back and look at what we were doing and why we failed. An opportunity to look at how we could do better, and just start over and start fresh.


So we changed the conversation. What we did was come up with this concept that we call “Fit in 42.” It’s a 42-day full emersion, focused energy, educational program. So the idea was, if I can change people’s habits in 42 days, they’ll stay longer, they’ll get better results, and we’ll be able to bring in more people.


But every time we’d start to focus on Fit in 42, our gym “Next Level Fitness” suffered. Like most gym owners, we were doing everything. We were cleaning the gym, answering the phones, training clients, we were owners, we were marketing…we were doing everything, and things were falling through the cracks.


So what did we do? Back in 2011, we joined the Results Fitness University Mastermind coaching group. I learned the business systems of Results Fitness and we put that into practice. And, as you can see, we are back here (nominated for Biz Owner of the Year) because our gym is kickin’ butt! And now we want to take Fit in 42 to the next level. Fast-forward to today…not only do we have one gym location, we have two! And we’re looking into opening gym number three; six months after opening gym number two! And it’s all because we have these systems in place now.


For the past two years, during the Results Fitness Mastermind, I focused on Fit in 42. We are now in 14 gyms across America. Every time I come to the RFU Mastermind, we leave with new stuff to implement in our gym. It’s just impossible not to!


We want to share with you a few things that make our gym successful. I’m now going to hand it over to my brother Gerry.”


“Culture! What it is to us is our community. It sets us apart from the other gyms in the area. Everyone has great workouts and people get great results. But what sets you apart? How are you different in your community?


Three things that we take very seriously in our gym’s culture:


  1. Be the best part of our members’ day. We instill this in all of our coaches. When people walk into our gym I want them smiling right away! Everything outside is stressful. Not at Next Level Fitness!
  2. Fun! Make sure your environment reflects what you want to give your members. They’re gonna get excitement and energy when they walk in the door.
  3. GOLD! This is what we do to help retain our members. We’ve got this great fridge magnet that says, “Make healthy choices, we’re watching you,” and it has a picture of the team on it. Again, this speaks to our culture. A bunch of goof balls just making sure you’re making healthy choices every day. We’ve also got personalized birthday cards and thank you notes. Don’t auto-stamp guys…Make it special!


We want to thank you guys for listening to us today. And we want to thank the Cosgrove’s for giving us this platform. Without them, and without learning the systems, we would not be able to take our business to the next level. We failed once…we might have failed again without them. Thank you!”


We are so proud of each of our coaching members who applied to become our Biz Owner of the Year. Thank you for trusting us with your dreams, your goals, and your business. It is our privilege to guide you and have you join with us in our mission of Changing the Way Fitness is Done!